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Saturday, June 16, 2001

A friend of mine named Andy remarked upon the frivoulesness of the Quincenera, a large social gathering celebrating the fifteenth birthday of a young lady and her coming of age and introduction into society. It's a Mexican tradition involving the presence of the entire extended family and a couple of dozen or so close friends of the girl. The friends, and this is the part where i come in, all meet for dance practice and learn an involved, synchronized waltz, and in our case, a faster, Cumbia-type dance for a more flashier display of human movement. We all dance before a large congregation of family and relatives in a hall rented out for the occasion. Slyvia, the star of the occasion, was fortunate enough to have her parents buy her a multi-thousand dollar dress. That's only a small clue as to how involved the entire event is.

Anyways, Andy thinks it's just too much for a little girl's birthday. I think he was trying to imply that such an event would spoil and inflate the ego of the girl. He considers it a "waste of time and money."

Now, I respect Andy's frugal, economic outlook on life. He's a 26 year old working a nine to five job but still living with his mom and trying to make his car note each month. I respect where he comes from, but I emphasized to him the worth of a large family reunion, meeting old faces, recapturing lost years with loved ones, and celebrating life with your kin. However much it costs, i'm sure the Quince will provide a night never to be forgotten and always to be cherished.

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