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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

When you think of a rock singer, or a "rock star," generally, an image of some thuggish looking guy comes to mind. You say rock star, you think MALE. BUT!!!

There are so many female rock stars. Many admirable for their talent, their courage, their conviction and their resilience. Take Stevie Nicks. She's been through so many men and so many different kind of mind-altering substances yet still been able to write stellar songs and sing them with a certain kind of grace that will be forever beyond compare.

Also, there's Gwen Stefani. At first, yes, I dismissed her as just another blonde in another band that would soon evaporate into one-hit wonderdom. But! Just think about No Doubt's enduring quality... they still make hits, they still sell records, they have a devoted following, and all members of the band are still part of the band. Some of this, if not most, has to be attributed to Gwen's chameleon-like ability to change and adopt and set trends. In ways, she is the Madonna of punk rock/ska.

And then of course, there's Madonna, the Queen of Pop. Nothing much really has to be said of her... she's been around for so long and accomplished so much.

I'm sure I could go on, but I won't.

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