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Sunday, April 7, 2002

Last night at 4 am, as I was typing on my computer in a half drunken/half sober state of mind, I noticed in the sky past my window a short, blinking light streaking through the sky. Somewhat unconsciously, I glanced at this streaking light long enough to notice that it moved through the sky extremely quickly and then vanished abruptly. It moved too fast to be an airplane, so immediately I thought it to be a shooting star.

Excited by this idea, I then turned to my roommate (who was also sitting at his computer, playing Minesweeper) and exclaimed, "Holy Shit dude I just saw a shooting star!" and at the exact same time he also said "Whoa what the fuck was that light?"

I began to investigate what the fuck that light could have been. I noticed the headline "Comet lights up night sky" on and proceeded to click on it. It turns out that we had both witnessed an event that occurs once every 347 years. Because of a random twist of my head, I experienced something that I will never again have the chance to experience ever.

Dumb luck? Smart luck? or Who-gives-a-fuck luck?