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Monday, November 4, 2002

Albatross, or Albatrosses

Albatross, or albatrosses, are like humans.

This excerpt, taken from an article, helps prove my point:

"They groan, scrape their bills, and dance about awkwardly, before pairing and mating occurs. "

Tell me you haven't groaned, scraped out some bills and danced about awkwardly, all in hopes of getting laid. Ok, well, maybe you haven't. Maybe it's just me. Regardless:

Albatrosses, or albatross, are also alike humans in another way.

I was watching Animal Planet's "Ultimate Animals" show and learned that:

After a pair mates, incubates the egg, and successfully raises their winged child, they depart each other for two years, using their 12 foot long wings to fly and glide across a span of thousands of miles. Then, after all that soaring time spent alone, they return, from their biannual sabbatical, to each other, the same pair, and repeat the process all over again, for the rest of their feathery lives.

Well now, looking back, I would say that we aren't exactly akin to the albatross. Yet still, something hopelessly romantic inside me wishes we were.

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