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Saturday, November 2, 2002

Now, everyone knows who Sigmund Freud is and what his general contributions to psychology were. His theories were accepted, for a while, as fundamentally accurate descriptions of the way we act and why. But now, though, once asked their opinion on Sigmund Freud, most professors or TAs involved with the Psychology Department (or pretty much any modern psychologist) here on campus will tirade on and on about the absurdity of his ideas.

I mean, yeah, ok, doing a lot of coke and having this weird relationship-thing going on with your cousin probably wont look good to your peers or historians later on down the road, but really, why has the backlash towards Freud been so strong? So maybe the guy didn't have the "scientific, empirical" data to back up his ideas, but come on, I mean, how available and effective were the mechanisms for measuring brain activity back in his day?

There weren't any to begin with.

But now, there are. And now, brain imaging techniques, increasing in efficiency and number, are allowing neuropsychologists to paint a more thorough potrait of the thing inside our skull. Basic thoughts and emotions have already been mapped out and measured, and guess what?

Freud was right.

At least, signs are pointing in his favor. So, for all you Freud nay-sayers, go read this MSNBC article further describing what i'm talking about, and then, when you're done reading it, go eat a bowl of dicks.


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