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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

saturday night dead

Saturday night was Ricky's 21st birthday. Accordingly, he had a few of his friends over to celebrate his birthday (consume lots of alcohol) at his apartment.

He passed around the first martini (the first one he ever made, I think) to Angelica, who said, after a quick sip, "It tastes like cough medicine," but then later, after a few more said, "But it grows on you..."

"So does fungus," said Aaron, a childhood friend of mine who is also friends with Ricky. After the fourth or fifth try, it seemed that Ricky started to get the hang of martini manufacturing and freely did the alcohol begin to flow, including many followups of bacardi shots, half of which, later on that night, wound up spilt on the floor.

I tried to gracefully decline all drink offers and casually fit in by drinking a non-alcoholic beer, but had to eventually explain, as succintly as possible, why I wasn't going to participate in the drinking. Being as it was that I hardly knew 4-5 of the 10 already inebriated people there, I think this only served to ostracize myself even more.

But that's ok, this is Sober Month, I told myself while splitting up with them during their march to Brother's. Najah and all Them were at Clybourne's so I went to pick up Texas Jerry before meeting them there. I figured I would be a bit more comfortable around these girls, seeing as none of them are half as big of a drinker as I am. Upon arrival at their table, I self-consciously wondered if my lame attempts at conversation starters were a result of my sobriety, and while Jerry kept on making his trips to the bar for more and more beer I began to wonder if maybe I should start drinking too. You know, in order to become more interesting.

Afterhours and i'm dancing with Najah only because she's kind enough to let me. No beer goggles, no drunken attempts to socialize, i'm just standing against the wall looking cool, every now and then I dance with Najah. Xochitl asks for a lap dance and I tell her i've never seen one much less know how to give one. I turn around and in awe I watch Puertan Rican Liza swivel on the dance floor, "I learned how to step today!"

"I crave my own world," she says while we're walking to the Pimpmobile to go eat late night food. "I don't care if anyone's watching when I dance" she says and I want to open up and get all sentimental with her, but no.

I haven't had enough to drink.

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