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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Chemical Warfare of Gastronomical Proportions

I peeled off the thin piece of wax paper seperating each hunky piece of colby jack cheese from the others in the cheese package and gently placed it on my first sandwich. It was 1 o'clock and time for my daily lunch break back at the apartment. Turkey pastrami, pickles, dijon mustard, sliced tomatoes, and two pieces of colby jack cheese, one each, along with the other condiments, sandwiched in-between four slices of honey wheat bread. I eat two sandwiches everyday for lunch.

The first sandwich was great, and I began to daydream about faraway lands. But suddenly I started chewing on something that had the texture of an old rubber band. I tried to ignore it, but, just out of curiosity, regurgitated the semi-chewed food back into my hand. Something wasn't right. Further investigation into the second sandwich led to a startling conclusion. I peeled away the half-eaten piece of wax paper stuck to the cheese in the remainder of the sandwich and incredulously stared at the profile my bite marks carved into it. It looked like the state of Utah.

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