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Friday, September 26, 2003

Delta Delta Delta

Holly is a Tri-Delt, the former girlfriend of Scott, who used to live next door to me freshmen year in the dorms. Good times. One night in the dorms, when it was very late and very quiet, I woke up my half-asleep then-girlfriend next to me in bed. "Did you hear that noise?" I said and we listened quietly with our ears pressed against the eight-inch think walls of brick that seperated Scott's room from mine. Holly was getting the brains fucked out of her and being loud as all shit about it. We giggled and eventually made it back to sleep.

I saw Holly today on my way back home from class. It was one of those semi-long-distance instances of recognition where you see the person from about 25 feet away, cautiously pass a glance of familiarity, sometimes smile, and, given the right opportunity, actually approach and engage said person in conversation. Holly has very light freckles and was going to meet her mom for lunch. I thought about her super-green eyes as soon as we parted even if she was wearing color-enhancing contacts. Standing next to her made me feel tall and I didn't even imagine what she looked like that night, her rough and rowdy cries of ruthless sexual abandon replaying through my mind only recently, repetitively.

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