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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

words that describe (but don't belong to) me

Today in Spanish class we were all instructed to anonymously write down three different adjectives for three different people, respectively (i.e. three for each person). Mine are as follows:

-"comico, divertido, relajado";
-"extrano, divertido, chistoso, especial";
-"ablante, funny, amable";
"-interesante, calmado, buena gente";
[Because of the grammar, I can tell my teacher wrote this one]:
-"humorista (buen sentido del humor), inteligente (contribuye cosas nuevas), original";
-"comico, inteligente, determinado";
-"pensador, carinoso, inteligente".

Later on today in group Psychology class, coincidentally, we were also instructed to write a comment directed towards an individual regarding their contribution to the discussion of gender roles and homosexuality. I was touched by several of them:

"Marty: (Absolutely) I appreciate your honesty and the expression of your fears. I know what it's like to feel scrutinized and to feel like I should've said something different in the group setting ... but ultimately it was important for me to realize that I can NEVER be at fault for simply being open. You never imposed your ideas on anyone, so you have no reason to feel bad!."

"I appreciate Marty for admitting that he spoke before he thought."

"Marty, I appreciate how open & honest you always are. I view you as an extremely insightful person, a asshole is the last thing I would have thought to call you."
(I said I felt like an asshole for unleashing some disparaging remarks concerning lesbians.)

"Marty, I appreciate your openness. You really sparked a informative, and educational discussion."

"Marty - I have appreciated everything you've ever said in class but today you took a huge chance & spoke from within. You have alot of courage not only to be honest but to also admit you mis-spoke or spoke to soon. You're amazing."

I try not to hold on to words, words that don't belong to me.
But it just feels like sometimes, some words hold on to me.

La Higuera
por Juana de Ibarbourou
Si ella escucha,
si comprende el idioma en que hablo,
¡qué dulzura tan honda hará nido
en su alma sensible de árbol!

Y tal vez, a la noche,
cuando el viento abanique su copa,
embriagada de gozo le cuente:

¡Hoy a mí me dijeron hermosa!

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