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Monday, December 1, 2003

the second city

Chicago has really tall buildings.

And giant pretzel pits and Willy Wonka and car accidents. There is a statue of a golden bull somewhere in Chicago.

There are little black kids that play upside-down bucket drums and sometimes there's a crowd gathered around and sometimes people just pass them by. Novelty tends to be short-lived.

Maybe your ex-girlfriend is looking at pretty fish somewhere in Chicago.

Chicago is far away from here and it's expensive. Though you can skate for free on Michigan street and look up and feel cradled by really tall buildings; Prudential, Sears, Hancock. Someone will probably stop you and ask you for money in Chicago.

You can eat greasy food, yuppie food, russian food, and outdoor food in the middle of December, in Chicago. Small brown-skinned people will clean up after you when you leave your favorite downtown restaurant.

Then you can look up at the really tall buidlings while spinning around in circles and feel like the most powerful man.

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