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Sunday, March 7, 2004

sweet home

Went back home to Chicago this weekend. Drove up there with Rosie who says she doesn't have much fun at rock concerts. Boo.

Mom looked alive and well. Little brother Chris is auditioning for the Stokes with the never-ending brown spirals of hair on his head. Dinner Friday night with the grandparents, the original gangstas, the OGs.

Eri turned 22 ("22" backwards) Saturday night. I drank $2 margaritas and chatted occasionally with the Cuban bartender girl in between bouts of banter with Eri. People at the raegae bar in lincoln park looked nervous at first, but most of us were dancing by the time Ryan and his rockstar brother Luke showed up a couple hours later.

Ryan's gf Diana is going to Greece for the Games this summer. She told us in the car on the way back to Champaign. Meeting today at 4 cancelled. Shit I forgot about Iyengar at 4:15. Oh well.

Now I must busy myself with the convoluted language of scientific journal articles. But first i'll put on some pants.

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