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Friday, April 9, 2004

disturbing the peace

so i'm sitting here writing a paper in spanish but my thought process is being interrupted by two overwhelmingly loud and repetitive pair of bass notes. it's as if the frequency of the notes invades my entire cerebrum and flushes out any other possible potential neurotransmission.

so i have to finish this paper and i'm like wtf where is this coming from, it's not here in our apt. bass notes tend to travel lowly so i stand on my chair and touch the ceiling of my room. yeah. both hearing and feeling the music, i paused to try to figure out what song it was before leaping for the broomstick and pounding up above.

it was tonite, tonite by the smashing pumpkins, and the guy upstairs was singing along. i couldn't do it, i couldn't pound, so i sat it out back down on my chair and enjoying the rest of the song.

back to work.

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