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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

the draftsman, painter, etcher ... hustla

last weekend visited the art institute of chicago (and rembrandt) with two austrians, a swede, and a slovakian. the international illini led and organized the trip, geared towards any interested foreign students.  

it is rumoured that the artist bought his paintings at auctions in order to keep them at market value. he came from a wealthy family and was alive the same time shakespeare was. he's also good at maintaining eye-contact:

the 3-feet of Personal Space Theory is shrunk during exhibitions of world-renown Dutch painters, and sometimes more time is spent staring at napes and backs of heads than at the various paintings and etchings. maybe they saw something magical in some of the over 200 large collection of paintings, drawings, and etches. i tried to put on my best artsy-fartsy face, but might just have to wait until next time to really appreciate the work of this XVII century hustla.

chicago residents pay $12 and the exhibition runs through May 9.


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