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Sunday, April 25, 2004


hip hop or rap, drum and bass, house- these sites all provide a steady, free high-quality feed and are ad, spyware, trojan horse, virus, spam-mail, pop-up, and bullshit-free. b-sides, live cuts of new, old hip-hop and rap artists. lots of old school hits. smooth, urban earfare. solid-core dnb good for head-throbbing. many bpms. stimulating, straight-ahead grooves splashed with dashes of euro. mechanical. "smooth and downstylish house and tempo." also includes an urban jazzy feed. live djs continuously provide a steady, well-mixed stream of deep, soulful, and fresh crispy house.

put these on and practice those new dance moves in the privacy of your own bedroom before going out and embarrassing yourself on the floor.

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