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Friday, April 9, 2004


thursday night - nargile - usual suspects. had heart to heart with ricky in the men's room. puffed on a hookah, drank mexican beer, hard liquor. ivette and ricky and jackie and her friend justin and ariceli and carla, then monica joining us at the table. also carla's boobs were there.

closing time and outside to a brawl. started first just girls swinging away, then seconds later contellations of mini-skirmishes arose surrounding them throughout the parking lot. sometimes the fights would merge, then they'd die down, then others would arise, involving participants from previous tiny-battles joining forces versus the new enemy squad. royal rumble, tag team, battle royal- it all seemed very WWF.

don't know why, didn't really care, mostly entertaining. swift kicks to the abdomen, punches, slaps to the face, faces rubbed in the ground like cigarettes in an ashtray and i swear someone gave someone else a noogie.

ricky got away with a relic of the war, an awful baseball cap and tried it on later on the way back to good ole 206. he said to ivette, "go ahead and pee right there."

back at 206 pretty bad episode of the simpsons where krusty finds his jew dad. i covertly dropped almonds down from the balcony on the heads' of the people at the party downstairs and thought about going to bed.

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