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Sunday, April 25, 2004

lpa cookout

a placid lake reflected the newly leaved trees on the opposite bank. i passed the dutchie to the right-hand side, to ryan. we burned trees while hey-zeus the grill-master flamed hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken. 


Races in Lake of the Woods, IL:

  • White Non-Hispanic (96.9%)
  • Black (0.8%)

  • Hispanic (0.8%)

the latino psychology association had a cook-out at lake in the woods in rantoul. we ate and drank and puffed and volleyballed. we made a 4-3-2 person pyramid. we had piggy-back races and four person high piggy-back statues. somehow the football landed in the water.

with a population of 3,026 in lake in the woods, il, the 12 of us latinos helped to increase our representative percentage to 1.1% of the total population there, if only for 4 hours.

across the bank, only seventy yards away were families and more green grass on downward sloping banks. they sat on lawn chairs, they fished in the water.

polite conversations around the bench of food. ricky's spinach salad with mardarin orange and strawberries. very sweet, very california. great, breezy weather. to me the sunset-bathed clouds looked like a giant upside-down pink muffiin, ivette said it was more like a mushroom from super mario bros.


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