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Monday, May 3, 2004


the $1.25 king size peanut M&Ms got stuck in the vending machine right before work today.


the machine itself was quite wobbly, and after a few seconds of semi-furious pounding and swaying i was almost convinced i could eventually weasel my candy free. it cost one dollar and twenty five cents.

a few minutes later and still no luck, i resorted to pushing and pulling the machine in a softer, more rhythmic fashion in an attempt to deflect any attention-grabbing distractions brought about from the hopeless travail to free my sugary confections from their unjust enslavement.  i laughed a little.

a teaching assistant found me in my conundrum "what if you try this?" she said with a thick german accent while pretending a swift kicking motion against my boxy, formidable foe. i smiled a little and laughed some more.

so i went back home, (it's only five minutes away) fifteen minutes late for work now, for more change ($1.25). on the way back down the stairs i heard a dull clink, then nothing as a dime slipped through my fingers and dropped into the green oblivion of the scruffy, patchy lawn outside the building. walking back upstairs to the apartment, i told myself this was all going make the M&Ms taste so much better.

later at work i was voraciously wolfing them down (emotionally, really) while distributing the packages, letters, flyers, applications, junk-mail, academic journals, and magazines sent to the foreign language building.


this month's harvard magazine is running a cover story on the obesity epidemic in america. about how we eat too much junk food and live bloated, sedentary lifestyles. i gobbled M&Ms three at a time while contently leafing through page after page of the article.


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