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Friday, January 28, 2005

Drunk in Translation

Today was a good day to be hungover. The open, silent and balmly weather provided a comforting backdrop to my daily trek to work.

The International Illini had a social event last night at Murphy's. There were nearly 50 people sitting and standing around inside the bar when we arrived - Alto Rizado (Miguel), my roommmate Edgar and I. Some people seemed very sociable and chatty, and others were standing against the wall trying not to look out-of-place. I looked for familiar faces and found several, schmoozing and boozing my way into the crowd.

The social chair pointed me to a piece of paper on a table listing the names of a dozen or so foreign students and their home countries. This was a "buddy event" where Americans and foreigners register to be buddied up with each other. The idea is to encourage the social relations between the international and local student body so that hopefully both get to learn twice as much as they already knew about the world. I had a buddy last semester and she wasn't all that bad, so I decided to participate once again.

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