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Monday, January 17, 2005


At a party a few days ago someone told me that the gold flakes floating about in every bottle of Goldschlager contribute to cut up the inner lining of the stomach and esophagus, thereby facilitating a greater getting-fucked-up factor. The idea is that more alcohol is able to influence internal body chemistry due to the rippings created by the flakes once they've reached the digestive system.

After a shot I plopped down on a couch, mesmerized by the tiny golden leaves floating dazzingly throughout the bottle of cinnamon schnapps in front of me. Liquid Big Red.

Still curious about the Goldschlager flakes, I found an entry on Wikipedia that retells the stomach-ripping story in similar terms, labelling it as an urban myth. Seeing as foods like Doritos and paint chips didn't seem to mess with my inner linings, i'm guessing that it probably is an urban myth- even though I still haven't found any conclusive scientific evidence saying that it isn't. The guys on that TV show MythBusters need to stop rocketing chickens through airplane cockpit windows and get on this shit.

(Photo coutesy of Milton.)

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