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Sunday, January 16, 2005

GRE preparation

Today I put on the kettle on to make myself some coffee. I usually don't drink coffee but decided that a nice perk would be helpful in studying for the GRE, which i'm going to take next week Monday. My study book has personality:

A week before the test is not the time for any major life changes. This is NOT the week to quit smoking, start smoking, quit drinking coffee, start drinking coffee, start a relationship, end a relationship, or quit a job. Business as usual, okay?
I felt a little guilty after pouring my first cup of joe.

There's a common refrain here on campus that "you can't do anything with a Bachelor's in Psychology unless you go to grad school." Yet after five years of undergrad, i'm getting a little tired of becoming an "educated" person. Maybe its because only 6.6% of adults go on to get an advanced degree that the elitist in me still yearns to join those ranks. Besides, on average, MAs and PhDs make more money than BAs - how else do I plan to afford a ticket once space travel has become commercialized?

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