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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

"Hip Hop Rots Your Brain"

Anyone coming back to Champaign for the start of the new semester might notice the controversial billboards dotting the college town. They simply read "Hip Hop Rots Your Brain."

Reactions to the billboard, presented by the Coalition of Responsible and Attentive Parents (C.R.A.P), range from outrage to cynicism. According to the Chambana Community, the words "Hip Hop" were later spraypainted over with others like "ignorance," and "racism."

Yet the graffiti writing on the billboards seems to be anything but vandalism. The ad group responsible for them contacted the student organization UC Hip Hop before they went up. Al-iteration:

The ad group said "do whatever you want to these." For example, on [one]of her billboards, DJ Su crossed out "Rots" and painted "Frees" above... you know? So basically, it LOOKS like this great back and forth between people of warring beliefs, but it's actually playing on our beliefs that someone WOULD actually put up a billboard saying "Hip Hop Rots Your Brain."

The billboards are only the first in a series of a marketing campaign sponsored by Up a Notch Records and Adams Outdoor Advertising. They are designed to generate dialogue and attention within the local community around some as-of-yet unknown musical artist or product.


  1. ALL billboards are a visual antiquated blight and should be destroyed. Like tattoos, they are simply trashy.

  2. I wonder what they say about the heavy metal music that the Goth kids listen to. You know the ones talking about burning in hell amongst other things.