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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ninjas and Endangered Men

ROFL. I found this website that claims man as an endangered species. Under the "Man Knowledge" section they have a showcase of ninja weaponry and attire. From the website:


If a Ninja doesn't have one of these he's full of shit (not a Ninja) so don't listen to him or be scared of fighting him.


A Ninja will move these all around their body until the enemy is afraid and mesmerized, at which point he will immediately club the person to death.


Ninjas make these flutter around in the air before you, and you're like "that thing is beautiful," and then your pancreas falls onto the ground.


A Ninja's job is never done. If he's knocking off for the day, and finds someone sitting on the hood of his car, he will punch them in the neck with this neck-punching keychain.


If a Ninja has an off day, he will reflect on what went wrong while cutting himself in half with this.

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