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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Discover Seeds of Hope

Pat is a blogger that lives in Thailand with Burmese refugees that have been exiled from their homeland by the Burmese Army. She travels to Thailand in order to "discover the seeds of hope that keeps them going." A clip from her blog, which is well-updated and loaded with photos:

Khamchuen began to tearfully relate to me the story of these villagers and how they were driven out from their homes. The Burmese army came to their village and burned it down, simple as that. The people fled for their lives and made their way into Thailand. They are virtually imprisoned in Thailand because they are not allowed to own land or even to farm the fields lying dormant all around them. They are destined to a life of scratching out an existence, with the women selling woven goods at market and the men finding work in the fields. The children have no future at all. It is no wonder the men spend their time ingesting betel nuts and drinking homemade rice wine, there really is nothing else for them to do.

This is where the orphaned children sleep.

Small children were living alone in this hut.

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