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Friday, February 4, 2005

Give Me the Bad News First

I nearly tore my left nipple off today. I was hurriedly getting ready for work when I pulled my t-shirt over my head and scratched my left nipple with my right pinky finger. Now this might not have hurt for those with less sensitive nipples and shorter fingernails, but I'm a right-handed guitar player that uses his fingernails for picking, so they have to be a decent length. This combined with the fact that I also have sensitive nipples was a recipe for disaster; I should have known all along.

My left nipple was still sorely stinging when I noticed my mom left a message on my cell phone as I jogged to the bus stop. She finally passed an exit exam critical to becoming an officially registered nurse. She's been studying for four years now to be a nurse, and this test was the final obstacle in her way. It was her fourth and final chance to pass. 850 was the score needed to pass, and she got an 851.

Her friend and fellow aspiring nurse broke down into tears during the middle of the 5-hour test, well aware that she was not cut out for the profession. It was her last chance too. "I'm stupid, i'm just stupid," she cried to herself and my mom did her best not to turn around, not to sympathize, to stay focused and finish the test. And she did, she passed.

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