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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Illini Hoops, Wilco, a Man Playing Bagpipes - Who Said Champaign Was Boring?

Yesterday I beat a 38-year old Turkish man in Yahoo's Online Chess Game. I was playing during computer lab while my ill-prepared TA bumbled his way through a lecture that started approximately 40 minutes late. The girl to the right of me was looking for a jobs on government webpages. Just ahead and to the left of me I spied on another girl looking for a pair of shoes on I felt kind of bad for the TA because we used to be classmates. On MWF we gathered together in the FLB at 8am to read mythological tales of Norse gods in Old Icelandic.

There was a man playing the bagpipes on the Quad last night. At first I thought it was the opening music for the rock group Wilco, who was playing a show only a few dozen yards away at Foellinger, but as we got closer we saw a guy marching around with something in his elbow. He played a few bars of Amazing Grace and some other song. It sounded Irish.

Before we got to the Quad we heard all over campus the hullaballoo over our undefeated, #1 ranked Fighting Illini basketball team. The noise was coming from the balconies of apartments and outside the doors of bars. They were playing the Michigan Timberwolves and cameback in the final quarter to win. When we finally got to the FLB we saw a french film called The Man on The Train. I thought it had a fair blend of comedy and tragedy.

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