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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

An Ode To Brownies

My girlfriend makes good brownies -no - she makes f-ing delicious brownies. There was a platter of about nine or ten of them on a plate in the middle of the dinner table when I walked in her place yesterday. When she left the room I quickly glanced around to make sure it was really empty. Just me and the brownies. Brownies - vulnerable, soft, brown, chocolate brownies.

They completely surrender upon entrance to the mouth. The smooth delightful collapse of the brownies across the tongue, between the teeth. Gooey chocolately sticky brownies in my mouth. "Yoshplsh, womphiblsshh" say the brownies moving inside. Warm morsels of baked chocolate softness. The brownies that offer no resistance, that unfold and unload the chemistry of aphrodisia, the gentle euhporia of bite-sized bursts of endorphins.

I look at all nine and dare myself to eat ten. I think it over twice, looking around the room to see if anyone is around yet. My girlfriend walks in. I spot her. "Whoa.." she said as I sat completely still looking up at her while hunched over the plate of brown sunshine. "Don't worry..." she continued, "i'm not going to come between you and the brownies."

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