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Monday, February 7, 2005

Smile and Cries

I spent all day yesterday laying around on the couch with my girlfriend. We watched 2 romantic comedies and half of the Super Bowl. The Sweetest Thing and 40 Days and 40 Nights, two movies about the sex lives of young and successful people in San Francisco played consecutively on Comedy Central. They both had a different Pete Yorn song on their soundtrack. The different songs were from the same album.

As a joke, I sent a bottle of whiskey.

As you choked, you said it made you feel dirty.

My significant other impressed me with her knowledge of the rules and regulations of football as we watched the Super Bowl. I was mostly watching for the ads. We burst into hysterics during the commercial where the guy sat on the whoppee cushion as he joined the chimpanzee board meeting. "That's how you laugh!" she exclaimed as we listened to the chimps chortle. We laughed some more.

Tired of moping around I decided to strectch my legs and see if my girlfriend's hamster wanted to hang out. Lemiwinks spends most of his time sleeping in the cage set up for him in the spare bedroom, so figured he could use some exercise too.

He was sleeping when I walked in. I dropped some of the shavings from his bedding on top of him to see if he would stir. Nothing - he must be a deep sleeper, I thought. As I blew on him softly I thought of a line from a Modest Mouse song:

Are you dead or are you sleeping?

I wanted to see him roll around the apartment in his little yellow ball, I wanted to hear the soft thumps he made when he hit the wall. I blew a little more and looked around for something with which to poke him. There was a tiny wooden stick right outside his cage and when I poked him and his body moved all at once I realized that Lemiwinks wasn't going to be waking up. He wasn't going to patter against the walls or roll along the carpet. Seeing him curled up in the fetal position with his tiny eyes closed and his tiny paws gathered near his chin, I felt a chill of remorse before getting up to wash my hands.

I went in the living room for my girlfriend.

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