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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Zombie Blogs

As I continue my research on blogging frequency I mostly come across blogs that have only 2 to 3 posts in as many months. Nonetheless some of these dead blogs, or "zombie" blogs, are worth note:

Sometimes you find someone who seeks consolation:

  • Perhaps it is a waste of time to speak of happiness. It is way too subjective, dismissive, degrading of the reality between every leer pretending to be a smile.

A writer that ponders writing:
  • I'm convinced, more and more as time passes, that successful writers are those who are able to balance the ecstacy with the condemnation to a point where hopelessness does not overwhelm motivation, nor self-admiration the capacity for criticism. Writing is very self-sustaining.

Of course there are the fair share of meaningless rants:
  • Welcome to the world parenting...however, comparing yourself to the guy in job is a BIG stretch...ever see the movie Parenthood (Keeanu is such a babe!) sounds like a crazy parenting day....what the fuck is a blog anyway....

Then there's anjali, the nine-year old blogger:
  • hey my name is anjali ( ann-ja-ley) !!!! i have some picures of my life becuz i want to let peaople know about my life (this may be weird but hey i am onley 9)

...And this southern rebel, who has pictures of his gun on his blog:
  • I believe the federal government is out of control, and I believe it happened when the North conquered the South and took almost all power from the states.

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