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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Florida Dreaming

It's hard not to find myself daydreaming off to the sunny shores of Daytona Beach, FL every now and then. That's where I'll be this time next week, probably on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean and sipping on a tropical drink with a tiny straw hat in it. It's harder not to talk to my friends about it - I know that some of them aren't going anywhere and I don't want to rub in the fact that soon I will be much, much warmer than they are.

Nah, I think imagining myself in Daytona Beach is just a mental mechanism to displace the stresses of the daily grind - a way to pretend that things aren't as difficult as they really are because soon I will be digging my naked toes into thousands of grains of warm, coastal sand. The deadlines and meetings and assignments of today surrender completely to the ceaseless undulating caress of the Ocean of tomorrow.

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