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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Life Happens

I haven't been blogging a lot lately. There's this thing called "growing-up" that is supposedly filled with these things called "responsibility" and "obligation" that take much of my time away from blogging. (PS I fucking hate it when people make airquotes with their fingers while taking out loud. You know what i'm "talking about" cause you've probably done it too - back in the early 90s. What I hate even more is when people do the airquotes twice and leave an extra set of invisible airquotes in the air. If you are going to gesticulate a played out hand-motion at least do it without the goddamn superfluous fucking pair of invisible quotation marks.)

So back to life. Last friday over 30 people joined in for the Latino Psychology Association barcrawl last Friday. It was a great night. There are pictures on my flickr site.

The next night James and his roommates had an awesome BBQ & Keg feast at this place as over one dozen people crammed into his apartment to watch the Fighting Illini beat Kentucky to make it to the championship game. The deafening cheers, exultations of joy, and campus-wide sense of unity that glorious night will forever rest in my mind as one of the fondest memories of my college career.

For me our loss this Monday echoes a constant theme throughout life: SHIT HAPPENS.

Speaking of which.

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