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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Fellow High-School and College Alumni is Dead

"Three University of Illinois graduates were killed early Sunday morning after their car flipped over the median on Interstate 57, slamming into an incoming van." (Daily Illini)

Ramadan K. El-Amin, 23, was one of dead.

Ramadan and I went to Whitney Young high school together, sitting next to each other in Honors Spanish II during 7th period sophomore year. He was in a grade higher than me and taller than a tree it seemed. In class I would notice the marked contrast between the distances that both of our knees jutted out underneath our desks. Ramadan once told me that his name stood for a Muslim holiday that involved a prolonged period of fasting. He dressed very fashionably and his dark skin glowed with an unmistakable radiance. His bright shining smile could light up an entire hallway.

He is dead now and I feel a sense of unspeakable loss and gentle mourning.

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