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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Last Day of Classes

Today I was walking out of the Psychology building after class when my academic advisor popped out of his office and called out behind me, "All done with classes, Martin?"

Considering the volume of students that David Skadden academically advises, I was surprised to hear that he actually remembered my name. What was even more surprising, though, was realizing that today really was my last day of classes. I'm forever done with five years of lectures, discussions, dialogues, and debates at the UIUC.

I noticed this sign outside of the English Building as I was walking into the downstairs computer lab just now. It said "Congratulations Seniors!" "Congratulations" - I like that. It sounds a lot better than "Took you long enough." How about "Job Well Done"? I like reading that a lot better than "Good luck finding one with your degree!" Or even today in Psych class someone wrote on the chalkboard "We'll miss you a lot Jenny!" "We'll miss you a lot" is music to my ears compared to hearing my student loans constantly whispering to me for next few years, "We'll always be with you."

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