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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


A few days ago it was announced in the BBC news that about 34 different users of Viagra reported going blind. 24 million people have been taking Viagra since it was first released. 34/24,000,000 = a tiny, tiny fraction of the people that take Viagra.

Big deal right? Apparently not, according to the stock market. The day after the news was released about the Viagra/blindness link, Pfizer, the company that makes Viagra, lost a small percentage of its stock. This shows the dumbass paranoia that is bred by the media's hunt for eye-opening headlines.

Besides most guys would rather go blind than not be able to use their penis. Published in the June issue of Men's Health magazine are the answers to it's online survey of the question: "Which body part would you least like to lose?"

The percentages according to the 3742 people who responded:

Penis 52.8%
Eye 20%
Leg 8.6%
Tongue 7.4%
Testicles 4.5%
Arm 4.4%
Other 2.3%

With the naughty bits occupying a whopping 57.3% of most cherished body parts, I'd say that having a few guys go blind from Viagra isn't a big deal. Only 20% of the respondents said that they would least like to lose their eye compared to the 52.8% that would rather hold on to their penises. And even if you take into consideration that the survey only mentioned losing one eye, you could still presumably double the percentage for that one eye to account for the other. At this rate, then, still 12.8% more people would prefer to keep their penises then their eyeballs.

So Viagra makes a tiny percentage of people who take it go blind - big deal. Besides more guys would prefer to have a fully-functioning set of twig and berries than the ability to see. And maybe that's the problem, because what isn't being seen clearly here is that the statistical significance of these reports is zero to none.

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