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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Delightful song of the day

Dosh - If You Want To, You Have To

Dog falling asleep

This is going to be what I look like in class tonight:

Although this poor guy has it a lot worse as his nose was run over by a truck as a puppy and now he has trouble sleeping while laying down.

More cute animals falling asleep videos here.

New Coldplay Song

Visit the Coldplay website

For all the bantering Chris Martin has done regarding the new Coldplay album - how it's going to have a different sound and be a major departure from the rest of their ouvre - this song sounds like more of the same to me.

I mean sure, there's the distorted guitar, a rarity in their work, but besides that nothing really jumps out at me about this song. I was just hoping for something a little more unforgettable. Here's hoping that it's somewhere in the remainder of their upcoming release, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.

She has a boyfriend

This one is for any guy that has heard the dreaded "I have a boyfriend" line when introducing yourself to a girl.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Batman Vs. Batman: Starring my fiancee

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Short clip comparing scenes the original and most recent Batman major motion picture. My fiancee is running around in the crowd scene in the new Batman movie, which comes around the 01:18 moment.


Morning news bits

Jimi Hendrix sex tape reported. (New York Times)

So now one of my childhood heroes is a cheater as well as a cheater? The kicker: Clemens was 28, she 15 when they first met.

Confessions of a coffee barista

Monday, April 28, 2008

Music Round-up

Time for a round-up of some good finds hitting the musical blogosphere lately.

Sterolab - Three Women
Stereolab returns! How can you beat sweetly singing female vocals backed by warm, warm horns and organs? Then sprinkle on a dash of the occasional xylophone fill .. and you can't beat it!

John Mckiel - War On You
Nice shoe-gazer rock for a chilly rainy night alone in late April. Think Pete Yorn mixed with ... no, just think Pete Yorn.

MONO4 - Break Time Works
Good for a midday caffeinated joyride. Or chugging through lots of numbers at work. Has a slightly electro feel along with a jumpy cowbell pop to it.

DINO 5 - What about 10?
Hip-hop for kids. Featuring members of the Jurassic 5 and Digable Planets.


The 10 Most Important Years in Video Game History

The Wired Blog points to this GameTrailer video re-capping the 10 most important years in video game history, and I think they're pretty spot-on. Regardless, any video with the Final Fantasy theme song in the background is worth posting on my blog.

The Onion: Nearly 80% of roommates got so drunk last night

Study: Nearly 80 Percent Of Roommates Got So Drunk Last Night

Five years at Big Ten University and I can say that this story hits the nail right on the head.

GTA IV Reviews

Grand Theft Auto IV, which is expected to make more than $440 million dollars on the week of its release alone, is also emerging as the highest critically-acclaimed video game ever made.

Team Xbox:
Is this our Citizen Kane moment?
Game Informer:
I now know how film critics felt after screening "The Godfather."... Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't just raise the bar for the storied franchise; it completely changes the
landscape of gaming.
It will take something miraculous to rob it of game of the year status.

We all knew GTA 4 would be a great game and sell millions of copies, but I didn't expect it to shame pretty much every other game I've played this generation.

The only thing you need to know is that you have to play this game. Period.

Springer to give NU Law School Speech Despite Protests

The Northwestern University Law School has approved Jerry Springer as the guest speaker for their 2008 Commencement on May 16th, according to the Chicago Tribune. There were some protests regarding this choice, but that was hardly unexpected as guests speakers at graduation are usually protested by one faction of students or the other.

Wonder what Milt thinks of all this

Wii're amazed

Johnny Lee is a researcher who has developed some neat new ways to utilize the Wiimote, the remote controller for the Nintendo Wii. This video demonstrates the use of the Wiimote as a sort of "marker" for a projected whiteboard, and also he shows how to use the Wiimote to create stunning 3-D environments on flatscreen surfaces.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Metallica changing tune

Metallica, who helped to bring down the first ever giant of online music sharing, Napster, seems to be rethinking their position on the matter.

Slashdot reports that the monsters of metal are considering a free online music distribution model ala Radiohead's and, more recently, Nine Inch Nails' release.

Only time will tell if this move will revitalize the band's flogging album sales, or if the irony of this situation will condemn this as nothing more than a musical middle-age crisis.


Going paintballing today. I spoke with my mom on the phone earlier and told her what I was up to. She said that I should wear a cup.