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Monday, April 28, 2008

Music Round-up

Time for a round-up of some good finds hitting the musical blogosphere lately.

Sterolab - Three Women
Stereolab returns! How can you beat sweetly singing female vocals backed by warm, warm horns and organs? Then sprinkle on a dash of the occasional xylophone fill .. and you can't beat it!

John Mckiel - War On You
Nice shoe-gazer rock for a chilly rainy night alone in late April. Think Pete Yorn mixed with ... no, just think Pete Yorn.

MONO4 - Break Time Works
Good for a midday caffeinated joyride. Or chugging through lots of numbers at work. Has a slightly electro feel along with a jumpy cowbell pop to it.

DINO 5 - What about 10?
Hip-hop for kids. Featuring members of the Jurassic 5 and Digable Planets.


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