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Saturday, May 24, 2008

grilling fever

This memorial day weekend I'll be joining my fellow countrymen in the great tradition of outdoor grilling. Not only will I be visiting friends to feast all weekend, but we are planning a cook-out of our own on Monday.

Currently on the menu are pulled pork tostadas topped with guacamole as appetizers. I'll be slow-cooking 4 pounds of pork shoulder roast on the grill and then serving the pulled pork on sturdy Milagro tortilla chips, the perennial favorite when it comes to great taste and crunch in a chip. These 100 or so teasers will be topped with my fiancee's famous guacamole.

For our main course we will be serving your standard hot dog and hamburgers fare. Last weekend we experimented with bison burgers and that seemed to go well, so I might toss a few of those back on the grill. Regardless I'll be sure to use 80 per cent lean ground chuck. Chicago hot dogs will be available as well, with all of the necessary ingredients, including vienna beef hot dogs, poppyseed buns, short peppers, mustard, sliced onions, sliced tomato, pickle spears, and celery salt.

I'll post pics of how everything turns out.

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  1. Hope everything went well and was delicious.