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Monday, June 2, 2008

erykah badu show

This past weekend my fiancee and I went to see Erykah Badu and the Roots perform at the legendary Chicago Theater. It was a great show. During the between song banter, Erykah explained that the theme of the tour was centered around the concept of vortex.

She said that there were natural vortices all over the planet, and that they were usually located directly underneath or above a black hole in space. She said that these natural vortices were evidenced by the strange magnetic forces around the area and also by the way the roots of trees and plants tended to spiral downward.

Always the skeptic, but also wondering if this concept was the center of the strange natural forces in the TV show Lost, I googled this idea. Wikipedia explains that hurricanes, torandoes, smoke rings, and sunspots were all instances of a vertex. The vortex concept was also offered as an explanation of why your shower-curtain gets blown inward with a running shower.

I found examples of natural creatures using vertices to their advantage. Hawks glide updwards on a doughnutile ring of upside down vortex created by the sun heating the ground below (explained more in the link). Spiders shoot a string of web into this upside-down vortex and go flying for miles. Charles Darwin noticed a large mass of them hovering down 60 miles off of the coast of South America.

I could find no examples of the twisting roots that Badu was talking about, although altogether I think the concept is very interesting.

Here is a video I recorded of Erykah singing "Green Eyes" from the 2000 release Mama's Gun:

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