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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Camping in Michigan

Yesterday Ivette and I returned from a four day long camping adventure into the wilderness of an island just off the coast of northern Michigan, part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Campground. Armed with a backpacks full of camping gear, we made the six hour drive from Chicago to arrive just in time for a two hour long ferry ride from Michigan.

Once on the island we made another two mile hike to our campsite. We thought we had everything we needed -including bug spray- until we received the welcoming parade from the vampiric island mosquitoes that must have developed a genetic resistance to any human efforts to thwart their relentless thirst for blood. These mosquitoes were so huge and overfed that they probably had other little mosquitoes biting into them for their blood. OMG - the mosquitoes. Let's just say that I can't type this blog entry for more than ten consecutive seconds without stopping to scratch any number of ungodly mosquito bites located on some ridiculous part of my body.

Overall, though, living in the wild for two nights and three days was totally worth it. We scored a campsite on a secluded area on a sand dune that had exclusive access to the lakefront. We saw birds, snakes, toads, crabs, chipmunks, giant cedars, shipwrecks and one man who made a 2.2 mile hike through the wilderness in socks and sandals. SOCKS AND SANDALS. THROUGH THE WILDERNESS.

We hiked and climbed and did lots of sunbathing and made friends with this international group of UIUC PhD students and professors around a campfire. The topic eventually turned to telling college stories.

I got to tell the one about our upstairs fratboy neighbors who decided that it would be a brilliant idea to dump one of their wasted roommates into our unlocked apartment below, considering that our apartment was pretty much identical in layout to theirs. This all happened while my roommates and I were sleeping, and when I woke up I looked down to find a strange man laying face down on my bedroom floor. We both looked at each other and said, "Dude," and then he got up and left my room to use our bathroom. He then proceeded to grab a blanket from somewhere and moved to the couch in the living room and passed out again, tucked away comfortably in his blanket. I woke him up again by slapping his head around a few times. He finally got the point and left.

Pictures from our trip. More info on Sleeping Bear Dunes.

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