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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to Reality

A few weeks ago, before we left for our trip, I blogged about the glory of leaving behind the trappings of the city, of getting away from things like heavy-walking upstairs neighbors and obnoxious parking tickets. Well, the gods of everything ironic decided to greet me with this in my mailbox upon our return:

Yes, that is a picture of my subcompact 4-cylinder MPG king blowing a red light at a busy intersection in Chicago, courtesy of the City of Chicago Department of Revenue. These cameras are installed all over the city, and I wasn't really surprised that I finally got caught doing this. I remember that at this moment in time I was running super-late for an appointment and, besides failing to stop a red light (and besides going 50 MPH in a 30 MPH speed zone), I was also probably commiting a small variety of other driving infractions, such as texting while driving while eating a McDonald's Chicken Snack Wrap.

So you see it's a good thing i'm back, because without drivers like me, the city just wouldn't be such an exciting place to live

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