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Friday, August 1, 2008

lolla thoughts

Mosquito bites, sunburn, sweaty stinky people, dehydration, and breaking the seal... These are all common things to be concerned about when you're deep inside the crowd of a long rock concert.

But now I have to add another concern to that list: my shorts. Just after my fiancee dropped me off outside of grant park, I tried to tighten the built-in belt on my shorts and pulled too hard and snapped off the belt. Now my shorts don't have the traction that they had around my hips before I left the house.

This concerns me because something just like this happened at last year's cafe tacuba concert. I was in the front row at the metro, bouncing up and down and ebbing and flowing with the crowd and the music when I felt a snap at the front my shorts. My shorts button popped off. This was near the end of the show, the best part really, and I didn't want to worry too much about it. But then I felt my shorts starting to slip down my legs. I pressed my groin against the front barrier in the hopes of lodging my shorts up against it, but there was this very active young man smashed behind me, and he was bouncing up and down against me and my shorts, slamming my junk even harder into the barrier, and pulling my shorts down with him.

Nothing against homoeroticism, but let's just say that I was very relieved once the last note played and I could reach down to recover my dignity.

So I'm hoping that tomorrow night the same thing doesn't happen all over. Just glad that I left some extra rope in my camping bag to take with me for tomorrow's festivities.