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Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night went out with the guys. The wifey and her female cohort watching the special edition DVD release of Sex and the City. I tried to make it through that movie once before and passed out somewhere in the middle. Last remember something about a male unit.

Lots of drinky drinky in the hood. Cherishing time left there because we will soon be moving into another, less socioeconomically advantaged one by the New Year. Plenty of holiday cheers and beers with friends. Collapsed into bed with the wife at the end of the night.

Choosing wedding photos the next morning. OMG; there were literally thousands to pick from. definitely not my favorite part of the whole experience. but afterwards the wifey bought me an awesome early bday and xmas gift! lots of sleep after our excursion; maybe 14-15 hours altogether throughout the day and into Sunday.

Sunday! I took our plus-size puggle to the dog park for some much needed aerobic activity. We both had a great time, as I got to use my new gift on her. Two birds, one canon rebel xsi dslr.

Later a thanksgiving get-together for friends. Lots of fun and food and rock band 2 going on.

Long, fun weekend.

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