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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Smile and the Cries

Lowlights of 2008

  • Drummer and one of my longest-lasting friends died WAY too young

  • Something even worse and more unmentionable than that, but happening around the same time as above

  • Killer stress from full-time work and part-time grad school on top of that

  • Close calls with work and wifey from the emotional fall-out from above

  • Not as important, but still lost a nice chunk of my retirement account to the recession

  • Massive serotonin imbalances related to all of the above (see banner)

  • Lindsay Lohan ignoring my love letters and dabbling in lesbianity. But things are looking up according to the recent

Highlights of 2008

  • Got married in Chicago

  • Honeymooned in South America

  • Bachelor party in Vegas

  • Car insurance discount from turning 26

  • New job

  • Got that dent in my car fixed/li>


In college I got to know this guy from southern illinois, he was a friend of a friend. We were chatting on my balcony one night when he told me that he had recently broken up with his girlfriend of several years.

I told him on that balcony that he seemed pretty calm and collected about the whole situation, that he seemed to be handling everything very well. He flicked his cigarette off the balcony, turned to me, and said, "It's all about the smiles and cries, man. The smiles and cries."

The last time I saw him was five years later. He was leaning up against a wall just near the entrance of Nick's bar in Bucktown. There was a girl doing a handstand right in front of him. She landed her legs across his shoulders and wrapped her ankles around his neck. Then she pulled herself up using her abs and smothered his face in her bosoms. She seemed very agile for just another girl at the bar.

I smiled, gave a quick chin-nod of recognition to him, and walked past as they grinded to the music.