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Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've left my full-time job at Northwestern University in order to be able to focus more on completing my Master's degree.

The job was great on many levels. I felt useful and fulfilled. Ultimately, however, there would not have been many future career options for me in that department. I'm studying fairly technical computer programming topics that, despite the wonderful workings of Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, required more complex thought processes (ie time) than work was affording me.

A part of me feels like I've shot myself in the peroneous tendon by leaving work, adding on to our current 8.5% unemployment rate. FML. I'm a little scared-balls at the prospect of looking for a job post-graduation, especially given the grim job forecast for now and the immediate future. While my wife and I do have savings that, when combined with a tax-refund, will cushion us for the near future, we've definitely got to make some significant spending curtailments. Also, I have been working full-time since the day I finished my undergrad, so being unemployed will definitely take some psychological adjustment. This means that we can not, under any circumstances, cut my beer money.

I'm telling myself that it's all for the better. Besides lavishing my schoolwork and studies with inordinate amounts of attention, i'll be able to develop my portfolio. Among the several projects I have in the works include web design and development for a family-owned construction company, preparation for an advanced computer programming certification, in-depth study of Flash and ActionScript 3.0, and other personal pet projects that have been aching for my attention. Also, fat with confidence from all of this extra time available to me, i've signed up and have started training for the Chicago Marathon in October.


  1. Couldn't figure out from your post what FML is, so I looked it up.

    But you training for the Chicago Marathon doesn't seem to merit an FML. It does make me think of the end of Box Car Racer's Elevator. "Let's forget this all, move on." It's also a great song to run to.

    Sorry/happy to hear about your loss/gain.

  2. thank you friend. i think i was feeling a bit too enthusiastic about having discovered that acronym and, as such, slathered it a bit too liberally over my post. (fml)