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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ran about 10 miles last night. It was the latest at night that i've ever run.

The day before this run I was spending time with an in-law who was visiting from Guatemala. We were playing with my iPhone, trying to see where he lived using the Google Earth application. After a few minutes of squeezing and spinning and poking and prodding the globe, I began to think about things from a broader perspective.

Thought about how the earth, for the most part, spins in a constant motion day after day. Not only that, but the gravitational pull of the sun pulls the earth around it, year after year. I thought about how small I am in this entire scheme; while I might get anxious about things like being unemployed for three months or having to run ten miles on a broken ankle, the earth keeps spinning round and round without a care in the world. It has this constant pace and rhythm outside of everything in my life.

As I began my evening run the next day the sun was beginning to set. It was a glorious moment barely explicable with words, and it reminded me of the consistency and rhythm of the earth, how it turns and spins with it's own constant rhythm. I live here, i'm dependent on the earth and am a part of the earth, and so I decided to reach for the same rhythm as the earth. To somehow remind myself, mile after mile, that I too was capable of this tireless rhythm and consistency.

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